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Liquid Facelift

Nowadays, craving for a fresher, youthful version of you does not imply going under the knive again – which may hold certain risks or undesirable outcomes. Due to the ever advancing movement or trend in the use of non-invasive procedures – which can usually be completed quicker, with less pain and thankfully less risk – to carry out surgical opearations, a modern face lift approach called the liquid face lift technique has been discovered and implemented on patients with varieties of facial conditions such as drooping facial features, jowls, wrinkles and dark creases etc. with many impressive results.

According to his latest book, The Face of the Future, facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon of the North Shore University in Manhasset, Dr. Andrew A. Jacono, explains why a liquid facelift, as an alternative to an open facelift surgery is a non-invasive technique preferred that offers many of the benefits of a traditional facelift without having to undergo a surgical procedure and its recovery.Jacono says: “ I have realised that not everyone wants surgery and today we have options with the many new and wonderful injectable products.”

Another US-based cosmetic consultant Wendy Lewis describing a liquid facelift as a “pick and mix” treatment, explains that it is a procedure that involves doctors combining custom injectables according to the specific need of their patient.

She explains that the combination might include Botox which involves the use of small amounts of botulinum toxin to relax the muscles and prevent contractions thereby reducing the appereance of wrinkles; Hyaluronic acid which provides elasticity and volume to the skin and also contributes to its overall appearance; and Restylane which corrects facial wrinkles and folds caused as the collagen and elastin in our facial makeup atrophies.

Generally, doctors believe that a liquid facelift technique can achieve the following results: slight lifting of isolated (or overall) facial feature; reduce wrinkles and dark creases; restore natural, curved facial contours; and also give one a more energetic look and friendlier smile.

And just like the traditional face lift, the liquid facelift procedure has been tested to effectively mask under eye bags and dark circles, reduce or lift jowls, open eyes and lift lids and also hide bumps or small lumps on the nose.Although in contrast with the conventional face lift technique, liquid face lift has little or no downtime at all.

Typically, the results of a liquid facelift will last between a 1-2 year peiod.However, this too depends on the patients skin and lifestyle habits. The results can last longer if the patient carefully follows all their doctor’s instructions and use only quality skin care products.

Many patients can also maximize this new youthful look by scheduling appointments with their doctor from time to time, the end result becoming a rejuvenated and an appearance that makes one 5-10 years younger than their actual age without having to undergo an actual face lift surgery that requires a stretched period of recovery and holds more risk at hand.




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