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7 Weird Yet Handy Beauty Tips

Who would have known that these beauty tips I happen to cross looks weird yet it works (when you back it up with physics) for your skin. Definitely handy and definitely won’t break a dime in your pocket. Read on what are the tips I’m talking about.

Keep a couple of metal spoons in the fridge for a puffy eye treatment. The cold metal will reduce any puffiness, redness, swelling and inflammations in your eyes back to normal, stronger than putting slices of cucumber or potatoes. The coolness helps to constrict blood vessels, pretty much what caffeine does.

Forgetting your tried and tested beauty scrub while on holiday? Not to worry, simply scoop some sands on the beach and mix them with liquid shower gel as a shower body scrub. And please be cautious to take only clean sand, with no poops in it. You can use the sand also for your face, albeit gently.

Whiten your teeth with the help of delicious teeth whitener called strawberry! Simply take one ripe strawberry and rub it gently onto the teeth for a couple of times, for twice a week. The acid contained will whiten our teeth naturally. You can also mix the strawberries (or other fruits such as lemon) with toothpaste for the same effect.

Just like the convenience of dry shampoo, you can also do the same with a baby powder. As it’s a bit powdery, I highly recommend that you apply the talc with a big, fluffy brush from the hair roots and tap off the excess, for a refreshed look. Perfectly handy, when you’re too busy to wash your hair for days.

Another tip on shampoo (especially you didn’t realize it runs out), mix thoroughly a couple of eggs and apply them onto the tresses. Massage the mixture gently and wait for a couple minutes before washing it off. Protein contained in the eggs will definitely provide some deep keratin treatment.

For quick and innocent-looking lips, use beetroot and apply the mashed fruit onto the lips and cheeks for a healthy and glowing color. To make it last longer, tap the area with a little bit of primer so it hold sonto the stain.

Strengthen and whiten your nails by dipping the fingertips in a mixture of lemon juice with water for a couple of minutes, thanks to the citric acid contained in lemon. And yes, other citrusy fruits also work the same.

Here’s a bonus tip and you probably wonder if it works. Trust me, I did it and it does! If you run out of makeup remover, simply dip a bit of olive oil onto cotton pads, apply them gently onto your makeup for a few moments before wiping them off. The oil works as a very gentle makeup remover and intensively nourishing for your skin as well. Think of the oil and remover plus moisturizer combo.

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