About Us

The Australian National Cosmetics Board is committed to the betterment of research driven cosmetic science, we strive to enhance and spread methodical scientific understanding through meetings and training books. By supporting research and investigation in method-driven cosmetic science, and by setting high levels of professional, ethical, and educational guidelines, we reach our mission of improving the skills and qualifications of cosmetic scientists across Australia. Our pursuit is to further the concerns and recognition of certified cosmetic scientists whilst preserving the confidence of the community within cosmetic, skin care and toiletries industry.

Given this pursuit the goals and aims of the Australian National Cosmetics Board are:

  • To advance cosmetic science.
  • To promote essential research inquiry work by higher educational institutions and also independent personnel in every and each fields that might improve the overall awareness of and knowledge cosmetic medicine science.
  • To keep congresses, training seminars and/or gatherings on a worldwide scale; to encourage presenters from all countries, when ever feasible and give publicity to all meetings well in advance.
  • To assist in the elevation of the professional standing of cosmetic medicine science and knowledge around the globe by offering and endorsing educational and technical-scientific activities and programs.
  • To secure relationships by reporting on strategies in the various autonomous member societies.
  • To facilitate encourage basic research efforts by higher educational institutions and also by independent personnel in just about any domain that could enhance the knowledge of and information about the field of cosmetic sciences.
  • To organise by mapping, exchange of expertise and in other approaches, the work and initiatives of the independent member societies.
  • To submit and publicise written material of a clinical and/or specialised technical nature. In order to assistance researchers and other scientific workers attain from all countries information, written material, patents, intellectual property and other tools, as might be desired and as could become possible.
  • To exchange and disseminate important know-how on any exchangeable processes which may be acquired pertaining to the analyses of unprocessed materials and finished cosmetic products, effectiveness of products at market, etc, in order to take part in just about any sort of effort to embrace such processes globally.
  • To promote and disseminate information inside of the member society organisations and in the scientific and other press/media of the various regions, the experiences of the societies of all countries.
  • To patronise awards and grants of an worldwide appeal for exceptional achievement in cosmetic research, publishing, as well as other efforts on part of the field of cosmetic sciences.

Our current research funds are focused on the development and use of Botulin Toxin type 2 botox treatment (abbreviated either as BTX or BoNT) and dermal fillers for facial rythides and excessive sweating with special thanks to our member organisations including the Advanced Dermatology botox clinic specialists in Bondi Junction, Sydney.

Please note that we are currently undergoing development on look forward to our relaunch in late 2014. For all enquires in the meantime please see our contact options above.